How to Give

Korea Food for the Hungry International

Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) is a vision-based
missional and non-governmental organization that focuses more than just aid and development.
We take care of our hungry and neglected neighbors in South and North Korea and overseas

The Goal for KFHI is…

not just to meet the basic needs of the people in need, but to raise a person, who can change the community.
Join us in helping our neglected neighbors by giving to KFHI


KFHI helps the hungry around the world to survive and become self-sufficient
by providing food and love through Hunger Corps in impoverished areas.

Child Sponsorship
Raise an overseas child in need of help to grow holistically
Sponsor Education Program
Help students to grow as a dedicated next generation leader for the community by providing continuous learning environment
Sponsor Food Program
Help to make sustainable food production possible beyond betterment of malnutrition
Sponsor Medical Services Program
Provide medial services such as disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and more to the people, who are not able to receive medical services due to their poverty
Sponsor Water Resources Program
Provide clean drinking water and hygienic environment to those who suffer from water scarcity and waterborne diseases
Sponsor Fair Trade
Help poor coffee farmers to become self-sufficient with fair trade
Sponsor Hunger Corps
Help Hunger Corps, who dedicate their lives toward the most hungry in the world at the nearest place
Sponsor Emergency Relief
Operate emergency relief work to quickly recover and restore the damaged area by major disaster

Join us to help right now with your giving