Goodwill Ambassadors

KFHI Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill or music ambassadors with people-serving KFHI give their efforts for the hungry in the world.
They raise awareness of difficult situations and ask to give for hungry children around the world to make a world
that we live together.


  • U Know Yunho

    U Know Yunho
  • Park Shin Hye

    Park Shin Hye
  • Jang Na Ra

    Jang Na Ra
  • Honey Lee

    Honey Lee
  • Kim Hye Eun

    Kim Hye Eun
  • Bae Da Hae

    Bae Da Hae
  • Kim Ju Ha

    Kim Ju Ha
  • Kim Min Jeong

    Kim Min Jeong
  • Kim Dong Gyun

    Kim Dong Gyun
  • Bae Han Seong

    Bae Han Seong
  • Park Ji Heon

    Park Ji Heon
  • Jung Tae Woo

    Jung Tae Woo
  • Kim Jeong Hwa

    Kim Jeong Hwa
  • Im Ji Kyu

    Im Ji Kyu
  • Kim Ye Bun

    Kim Ye Bun
  • Yang Jun Mo

    Yang Jun Mo
  • Lee Sun Young

    Lee Sun Young
  • Lee Ji Sung & Cha Yu Ram

    Lee Ji Sung & Cha Yu Ram
  • Kang Hyung Gyu

    Kang Hyung Gyu
  • Yim Dong Jin

    Yim Dong Jin
  • Yoon Hang Gi

    Yoon Hang Gi
  • Kim Myoung Sik

    Kim Myoung Sik
  • Brian Kim

    Brian Kim
  • Kang Chan

    Kang Chan
  • Min Ho Gi

    Min Ho Gi
  • Soul Singers

    Soul Singers
  • Choi Hwa Jin

    Choi Hwa Jin
  • LAST

  • You Eun Sung

    You Eun Sung
  • La Boheme

    La Boheme
  • Pororo

  • Eyecou