KFHI History

2016 ~ Present

  • 2016. Jan
    Changing name of Hunger-corps to Hope-corps
    2016. May
    KFHI won commendation for great works of child welfare by the Minister of Health and Welfare
    2016. Sep
    2016 HOPE CUP held(110 children of 10 different countries gathered to Korea)
    2016. Sep Image
    2016. Dec
    Launching the smart coin bank ‘Hope Box’
    2016. Sep Image
  • 2017. Apr
    ‘Lunch box for youth’ Campaign opened, Copying Bible ‘My dear and precious book’ started
    2017. May
    Executing an MOU with Green Asia for cooperation the forest project of North Korea
    2017. May Image
    2017. Jun
    Project named ‘Sharing 1st Street’ opened for suggesting people to share
    2017. Aug
    The 12th Mission convention for Sponsoring Executive
    2017. Aug Image
    2017. Sep
    Acquired ‘Special Consultative Status’ from UN ECOSOC
    2017. Sep Image
    2017. Oct
    ‘Hunger Campaign’ opened for famine of East-Africa
    2017. Nov
    Special Event for Philanthropy Club
    2017. Nov Image
    2017. Dec
    Awarded from the Minister of Education about donation for education
  • 2018. Jan
    Trained and Dispatched Youth Hope-corps
    2018. Feb
    ‘Concert of Dream and Hope’ performing Rainbow Box Orchestra
    2018. Feb Image
    2018. Apr
    KFHI Support Day held in Shanghai, China
    2018. Aug
    Sponsor was appointed as an honorary president for 2018 HOPE CUP
    2018. Sep
    2018 HOPE CUP held(120 children of 10 different countries gathered to Korea)
    2018. Oct
    ‘STOP HUNGER Campaign’ held on World Food Day
    2018. Dec
    ‘Be my friend’ café opened in Taean, Korea
    2012. Aug Image