KFHI History

2011 ~ 2015

  • 2011. Jan
    Hantol Sharing Festival and Branding of Food Aid Campaign
    2011. Jan Image
    2011. Mar
    Emergency relief in earthquake damaged area in Japan
    2011. Apr
    Medical Service Support Campaign for a Haiti boy, Dimasi’s medical treatment visit to South Korea
    2011. Mar
    Si-Yoon Yoon and Shin-Hye Park appointed as goodwill ambassadors / Happy Banquet album production
    2011. Mar Image
    2011. Jun
    Resume North Korean Infant Support Program
    2011. Jul
    Happy Banquet Album Concert / Host 1st Shooting for Africa / Fair Trade Café, “Be My Friend,” 1st Store opened
    2011. Oct
    Office moved / Emergency relief in heavily flooded area in Thailand / Host “STOP HUNGER” campaign, going together with beneficiary countries
    2011. Oct Image
    2011. Dec
    Won Web Award Korea’s Social Responsibility Area - Grand Prize
  • 2012. Jan
    Dong-a Ilbo, Special Edition on another ‘Do not Cry Tonj,’ Koreans in a poor village
    2012. Feb
    Rainbow-box orchestra’s 1st regular concert
    2012. May
    Taiwan Food for the Hungry established
    2012. Jun
    1st Hunger Corps conference of 8 countries in Africa
    2012. Jul
    Emergency relief in Philippines Signed ‘Agreement on coordination of business between private and government sector’s humanitarian assistance work’ with Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1st online Hunger Supporters selected Hwang-Sik Kim Prime Minister visited KFHI’s Mozambique field
    2012. Jul Image
    2012. Aug
    Emergency relief in heavy water damaged area in North Korea Emergency relief in flooded area of Philippines
    2012. Aug Image
    2012. Sep
    Published children’s book, ‘Namaste Ari,’ books for Nepal
    2012. Nov
    Launched KFHI’s ‘People go, hope comes’ broadcasting advertisement Eun-Hye Yoon’s Madagascar ‘KBS Road for Hope’
    2012. Nov Image
  • 2013. Jan
    Syria’s civil war emergency relief
    2013. Mar
    Water resource campaign ‘Life of 1 Liter’ on YouTube, more than 1 million views CBS’s missionary supporting special program, The Mission
    2013. May
    CN Blue appointed as a goodwill ambassador Aired KFHI’s mobile broadcast ‘VOCtv’ Children’s sharing exhibition, STOP HUNGER for KIDs Mozambique’s Agriculture trainee visits Blue House, invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    2013. May Image
    2013. Aug
    1st Hantol Youth Volunteer Coprs began Popular animation ‘Udangtangtang Aikoo’ signed children disaster safety education collaboration MOU and appointed as goodwill ambassador Humanitarian North Korean Assistance 600 mission won commodity sent
    2013. Oct
    GH SHOP rainbow-box orchestra performance book publication celebration concert Premature baby support business, Bring Up center opened at Ewha Mokdong Hospital
    2013. Nov
    1st Health Sharing Photo Journal Contest Philippines Tacloban Typhoon emergency relief
    2013. Nov Image
    2013. Dec
    Kyung-gi Province Education Office MOU agreement ceremony Yoon-Ho Jeong, West Africa Ghana, ‘KBS Road for Hope’
  • 2014. Jan
    5th KFHI President Sung-Min Lee inaugurated
    2014. Feb
    Ji-Hyung Park, Hyung-Kyu Kang appointed as goodwill ambassadors
    2014. Mar
    Yoon-Ho Jeong appointed as a goodwill ambassador
    2014. Apr
    Kang-won Province Education office education donation agreement ceremony
    2014. May
    Hosted football tournament at Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp with Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Jordan
    2014. Jun
    Foreign Organizational Structure revised
    2014. Sep
    Revised KFHI’s periodical magazine
    2014. Sep Image
    2014. Oct
    KFHI’s 25th Year Anniversary Event ‘Film Night for Sharing’
    2014. Nov
    Sang-Yoon Lee Indonesia ‘KBS Hope for Road’
    2014. Nov Image
    2014. Dec
    Won Education Donation in South Korea - Grand Prize POSCO’s asbestos demolition business, harmful to human body, received Minister of Environment Award
  • 2015. Feb
    Establishment of Ghana Education Center by Goodwill ambassador U-Know Yunho
    2015. Feb Image
    2015. Mar
    Won Sik Yoo inaugurated as a President
    2015. Apr
    Nepal earthquake emergency relief
    2015. Apr Image
    2015. Jul
    Dr. Bongho Son inaugurated as a Chairperson 1st Member to sign for Heritage Bequest Donation Club
    2015. Jul Image
    2015. Oct
    11th Nationwide Regional Sponsor Seminar