KFHI History

1996 ~ 2000

  • 1996. Mar
    The second welfare center in Jung-Dong, Songnam established Entrusted with operating community welfare center
  • 1997. Feb
    Relief efforts for the earthquake-hit areas in India
    1997. Mar
    The Milk Powder Campaign for North Korea
    1997. Mar Image
    1997. Oct
    Nam-Jung Yun was inaugurated as the third-term president
    1997. Oct Image
  • 1998. Mar
    The Internet Homepage,, set up
    1998. Aug
    A corporation of Social Welfare established(the 822nd issue of Ministry of Health and Welfare Sep.)
    1998. Aug Image
    1998. Sep
    Domestic children sponsorships began
  • 1999. May
    Moving into the KFHI center in ChunngDam-dong,KangNam-Gu Dispatch of medical relief team to Kosovo
    1999. Sep
    The first Sharing Happiness store opened
    1999. Sep Image
    1999. Oct
    The 10th anniversary fundraising dinner held
  • 2000. Feb
    The second phase of Hunger Corps Training began
    2000. Feb Image
    2000. May
    A juridical foundation, the International Development Institute, founded(no. 370 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
    2000. Aug
    Sponsor field trip to Philippines
    2000. Dec
    Entrusted with operating Seocho Senior Welfare Center