KFHI History

1989 ~ 1995

  • 1989. Oct
    24 The NGO founding council of oversea aid held for the first time in Korea
    (The late Tae-sup Choi inaugurated as the first president)
    1989. 10 Image
  • 1990. Jan
    The first fundraising through the church’s network began
    1990. Jul
    Foundation of a nonprofit corporation aggregate permitted
    (the 142nd issue of Ministry of Health and Welfare)
    1990. Dec
    Oversea relief efforts began (Bangladesh, Kenya, Peru etc. 7 countries)
    1990. 12 Image
  • 1991. May
    The first charity race held in Seoul
    1991. Oct
    FEBC Fundraising broadcast
  • 1992. Feb
    “Love Bowl” campaign, a savings box, began
    1992. 02 Image
    1992. Oct
    The first Hunger Corps, Hyeong-Ryeoul Rhu and Min-Ja Lee, dispatched to Uganda
  • 1993. Feb
    The first phase of Hunger Corps Training began
    1993. 02 Image
    1993. Jul
    Domestic relief efforts began
    (free meal services for the homeless and undernourished children)
  • 1994. Jan
    Seong-Mo Kang inaugurated as the second-term president
    1994. Sep
    SDispatch of medical assistance team to Rwanda
  • 1995. Jan
    Dispatch of emergency relief team to the earthquake-hit areas of Kobe in Japan
    1995. 01 Image
    1995. Mar
    Overseas children sponsorships began (Philippines, Mongolia, etc. 5 countries)
    1993. 02 Image
    1995. Jul
    1Visit of the first short-term missionary team began
    1995. Dec
    Domestic Committees established in Taegu, Deajeon, Songnam