Chairperson 손봉호

Hello, I am the Chairperson of Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI).
I would like to bless all the donors, who participates in KFHI’s ministry,
in the name of Jesus Christ

Although God loves all people, he pays special attention to the hungry, sick and neglected.
It is the justice that the Bible teaches. God would be very pleased if we participate in his love.
Even if it is little by little, our lives will become noble and beautiful as we participate.
Helping with what we saved rather than with the left-overs is an expression of bigger love.

KFHI will continue to treat transparency and purity as a matter of life in fundraising and management.
We will give our best to become an NGO that beneficiaries and donors could all trust.

I pray that may God’s grace be with you fully.

Hello, I am Won Sik Yoo, the President of Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI).

KFHI was established in October of 1989 as the first overseas aid international organization
in South Korea and became 26 years old this year. Responding to God’s calling to help spiritually and physically hungry neighbors, KFHI has met with the sick, hurt, and weak in the world. Then, we were able to find amazing hope.
Girls, who used to crush a stone with impassive face, now dream to become nurses with smile on their face. A child, who was raised through Child Development Program, decided to remain in the village to teach children even though a better job in the city was waiting.
Those were all possible because of steadfast love and support from the donors.
We truly appreciate you, who have participated in our ministry with one heart, and I pray that may God’s huge grace and blessing be upon you all.

At this moment, there are a lot of neighbors, who are still waiting for our helping hands.
KFHI will move forward with transparency and integrity; thus, children, family, and community in hunger restore to their fullest potentials and further extend to help other community.

Dear donors, I hope that you stay with us as strong family members and walk with us on this
beautiful path that saves lives. Thank you.

President 유원식